drunk Rose district

by the wayy idk if you guys want some update art or something? 8’)

I’m p lazy atm but if you want just ask eheh

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  2. orkinas said: yes we want
  3. scarlettdiamond said: Please do :3
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  5. princeof8reath said: A panel redraw of the page with the stabbing, maybe? X3
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  7. unknownvantas said: yes pleease
  8. cobaltlightning said: Yes it would be cool
  9. dragonbunni said: always yes!
  10. princessofpeloria said: why not do update art?
  11. asknepetuleijon said: [[ whispers yes ]]
  12. steamarcana said: yes
  13. codymemoriesfavorite said: aaah yes update art please uvu
  14. holla-at-longbottom said: yE
  15. kanekiseyepatch said: yes
  16. frozantears said: No sadtuck, just karkatjade…
  17. ghostymarco said: yes, but stabbed Karkats will make me cri erry tiem
  18. fiftyshadesofgwen said: Update art would be cool but I think you should just draw whatever you want ^u^
  19. silverwingstorm said: draw karkat being sassy because i’ll probably cry if you draw him being stabbed?? C’8
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