drunk Rose district
Soooo... that update... Are we all reacting like John, or am I the only one?

I think we all ar e hhhh

but I wouldn’t be too worried, I mean she’s going to bring him back isn’t she :c

  1. b-spice said: But that means if he dies again, she can’t bring him back to life.
  2. rabbit-mochi said: I know I am :c
  3. blimpcat said: shes wasting his only revival though, it’s a once time only thing. if he dies again he cant come back ;_; sobs everywhere
  4. riyoka said: but that means that he won’t be able to be brought back later. :c they are using his one shot right now D8
  5. deadsexual said: I actually was screaming out nooooo
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