drunk Rose district
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Have you ever drawn the Midnight Crew???

not all of them but I drew Spades Slick in this pic!

Why was Jane's grimdark different from Roses and Jade's grimbark? Like the other two have gray skin while jane didn't?

Jane didn’t go grimdark, she’s more like part evil robot c:


sometimes I change them but yeah when they’re all the same age, sorta like this :^)

((no trolls because they’re too many)


to the prankster who put “the moon” as the address on their online pizza delivery order: thanks a whole dang lot. i was up there for like ten minutes just aimlesly waiting, ringing the doorbell, kicking moon rocks around

i saw your height chart for the alpha and beta kids and was wondering, what is dave's height in comparison to dirk's? is there a version where they are ALL standing next to each other? ;V;

well you could just put both pics next to each other? even tho the proportions turned a bit different from one set to the other so they’re not very precise comparisons

anyway they would be around the same height  8’) I imagine Alpha Dave as taller than Bro but I can’t decide between Dirk and Dave, also sometimes I change my mind from picture to pic so everyone’s height is just my general idea of them but I don’t stick to these headcanons all the time!

Anon:your headcanon heights for the beta and alpha kids are actually the same as i imagined! same for rose and jane as the shortest and roundest (and tall-ass striders)!


the Striders need to stop being so tall haha

My sister started reading Homestuck a little while ago and she's about to get up the bit of act 5 act 2 with all the murders. She thinks Gamzee and Eridan are going to die trying to defend themselves. If only she knew.


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kierlaw: welcome back!

aw thank youu! ;v;

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aw thank youu! ;v;